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Refrigeration Specialists

We can offer a number of services relating to commercial refrigeration including sales & service, monitoring, temperature, we also cover F-Gas services. We can tailor our services to suit your specific requirements. 

We can offer your business a full range of refrigeration services including sales, service, maintenance and repair of industrial and commercial refrigeration in Herefordshire, West Midlands & South Wales.

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Looking for experience?

Worths Refrigeration have over 27 years experience in all aspects of Refrigeration, including sales, service and repair.

We have supplied, installed and serviced everything from personal to large industrial refrigeration.

We also offer complete solutions for catering, restaurants, to hotels and petrol stations.

Our services include:

  • Service & maintenance on new and all existing refrigeration systems
  • Upgrades & refreshments of large and small compressors
  • Bespoke refrigeration systems designs
  • Installation of refrigeration systems
  • Refrigeration reclaim services
  • Specialists in HFC SYSTEM big or small close control systems
  • Full PLC CONTROL SYSTEMS with remote access
  • Very energy efficient systems utilising the latest tech on the marketplace

Refrigeration Service

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Made to measure, expertly designed refrigeration services. For more information, please contact us.


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